We find solutions based on the needs of customer’s and consignment’s
needs specifically.

About Us

New York for logistics services aims to become the logistics partner of the industry and that’s why we have set up a specialist team with a reliable and very powerful network of agents over the world in order to take the precautions for all scenarios during the transportation.

We’re ready to handle your project shipments by our experiences with huge volume and Out of Gauge shipments in Road Freight or Break Bulk, Chartering and big numbers of container/truck shipments in Sea, Road and Air Freight.

It should not be forgotten that; Projects jobs are needed to have a good organization, experience and knowledge. You can trust New York for logistics services to ensure that your shipment arrives at the right time with safe and good conditions.

New York for logistics services established in 2009 by its chairman Mr. Arqam Rawashdeh, as a shipping freight forwarders company in Amman, Jordan. Today, it has expanded to become a group of 20 companies operating in worldwide , Iraq(Baghdad, Erbil, Basra), Syria(tortous, Damascus), Gulf, all Europe and Turkey.

Offered Services within the framework of Project Shipping:
• Logistics management of large scale projects
• Out of Gauge and heavy cargo shipments
• Loading & Unloading inspection
• Feasibility studies and risk management
• Remote location logistics and route searches
• Engineering support
• Packaging, Encasing and Lashing Services
• Clearance & Delivery at destination customs points (DDP, DAP, DUP)
• Cold chain shipment
• Control drug shipment

The Group's main lines of business include shipping and logistics, , and it is considered a market leader in both industries, and in the Levant Region. In recent years, we have also expanded our scope of services to cover cargo inspection and testing, security services, packing, warehousing & container yard services, online booking solutions as well as medical production.

New York for logistics services hard working yet resilient culture, as well as its commitment to offering smart and effective solutions to its clients, and its great team is key drivers of our success in fulfilling our vision to become a leader in what we do across the entire Middle East (specially war countries) and Europe region.

Land Freight

New York for logistics services operates one of the largest and most advanced land freight networks in the Middle East, Iraq(Baghdad, Erbil), Syria(tortuous & Damascus ), United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany and Ireland through modern fleets equipped and refers trucks.

Diversified Less than Truck Load Shipping (LTL), and Full Truck Load Shipping (FTL) solutions coupled with strategically placed hubs result in time definite and reliable transportation of your goods.

Air Freight

New York for logistics services worldwide air freight network offers a range of rapid and cost-effective delivery solutions to match your business needs.

We ensure complete door to door transportation and smooth customs clearance.

Our advanced technology and network of offices around the world allow advanced tracking of your shipments, from the moment you place your shipping order to when it reaches its final destination in really smooth way.

Ocean Freight

Supported by our global network, highly skilled team of experts and fully equipped technology systems, we cover key shipping lines and trade routes worldwide.

We are dedicated to fully managing your cargo throughout the entire shipping process, from collection, through customs to final delivery.

On-Time Delivery

Part of making it simple and to deliver within the agreed service levels; we work backwards! We start with the required delivery time and we build our solution around it.

To ensure meeting the expected service level at all times, New York for logistics services Healthcare teams monitor shipments around the clock and in different time zones.

When needed, we are ready to pick up and deliver shipments outside normal working hours as well as during weekends and holidays.

Freight Transportation

A logistics partner big enough to deliver freight of any kind, to any place via air, ocean, road or rail, but capable of giving its customers the personal attention they need. Welcome to New York for logistics services.
• Air Priority - Urgent Air Freight
• Air Connect - Fast & Affordable Air Freight
• Air Economy - Economical Air Freight
• Air Charter - Specialist Cargo Handling
• Air Thermonet - Standard Temperature Controlled Air Freight
• Air Freight Plus - Day Definite Intra European & Intra Asia
• Lifeconex - Freight
• Sameday Jetline - Mission Critical Next Flight Out
• Sameday Speedline - Mission Critical Best Flight Out
• Air Combined - Multi-Modal Transportation Solutions

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TEL: +(962) 656 21700 FAX: +(962) 656 21701
P.O.Box: 940592 Amman, 11194, JORDAN.
Address: AL Shmaisani, Youssef Ben Tashfeen St., Al Berr Complex, Fourth Floor, Office(402), Amman, JORDAN.

General Manager:
Mr. Arqam Al Rawashdeh +(962) 79 999 2045
Financial manager:
Mr. Motasem Al bataineh +(962) 79 021 2910
Ocean Freight Manager:
Mr. Mohammad Saqer +(962) 79 902 4860
Operations Manager:
Ms. Sana Safadi +(962) 79 021 2912
Mr. Ahmad Alswaier +(962) 79 021 2913
Clearance manager:
Mr. Omar Bashabsheh +(962) 79 021 2915